Anonymity in the network. Security. VPN. TOR.

Anonymity in the network. Security. VPN. TOR.

We are being watched. This is already known to all users! Watch closely, not without the support of such giants as Google, FaceBook, Skype and the like. By the way, FaceBook was the last who tried to restrain from cooperation with the authorities, for which he paid a fine. What kind of Internet security can there be in this situation !?

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  • Оperating system
  • Antivirus
  • Email
  • Good Password
  • Secure Browser
  • TOR - Onion Router
  • VPN - Hide Your Presence

Оperating system

I'm not against UNIX, I agree that Linux is powerful, but you should not start it if you've used Windows all your life! It is difficult to compare them, and it is not correct in general - these are completely different products!
I use Microsoft Windows, which means I'll talk about it! And the only correct advice today: update your Windows XP, if there are still such clever people, even to the version of Windows 7
I've been using Windows 10 since the release date, very pleased with this system! For those who do not know, this is the latest version of Microsoft Windows and others, according to Microsoft, will no longer be! So all sooner or later to go on it!
Windows 10 will continue its development no longer as a version, but more as a service that will constantly improve and refine!
But the admin's computer will be built on linux (already soon, in the next article)
Before proceeding to the next section, I want to invite you to participate in this poll, you can add your answer if you do not find a suitable answer.

What operating system are you using?


Well, everything here is simple, you need to understand that for today the availability of antivirus on your computer is simply necessary. The only thing I can say is, you do not need to believe in different ratings, choose what is more convenient and better paid products for you. In this case, do not forget that each antivirus has both pluses and minuses.
Personally, I prefer Kaspersky Antivirus, and if earlier it was a purely paid product, then today it has a free version of Kaspersky Free, although with a number of its drawbacks: it is completely deprived of network protection, firewall, and also has partial protection, in other words From the most common viruses! Of the advantages: it is less demanding of your system compared to any of the paid products of the Kaspersky product line. But still, the free version of Kaspersky Free is better than nothing!
But I will vote for the paid product of Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

Which antivirus do you use?
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Keep in mind that the mail client will always be much safer than the web-interface! With the right approach, all mail is stored locally and reliable with a password. My selection of Mozilla Thunderbird

What email client are you using?
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Good Password

Always use complex passwords, especially when it comes to your money. It is not necessary to put a date of birth, 12345 and other silly common variants of the qwerty type. It will not lead to anything good, the first thing you'll attack is brute force attack.
Brute force attack - this is a password-compromised through special software. Hackers have always used brute force attack as one of the methods, since this really works!
Use long passwords for complex passwords, letters with different case, numbers and symbols! You can use special password generator programs. Here's an example of a complex password: KJsjkq8 ^ m!; C) msc # HLcj
Regarding the storage of these passwords! It's reliable to write by hand in a notebook, but it seems very uncomfortable for me, especially since the notebook can be lost, and it is not convenient to carry it anywhere with you! Passwords can be stored in special for this program - password managers. If you really like this method, then the only thing worth warning about, choose a similar program based on the developer's rating, for example, the password manager from Kaspersky!
There are certain recording systems for storing passwords, they can really be used, but it's better to do this for all your passwords so you do not get confused! For example, you can bring such a recording system: you write your password not to the end, and keep the remaining characters in your head, these symbols are usually the same for all passwords, which simplifies the task and can be some kind of code word, for example GOLD! For example, my password is: Fkxwx782, lsx! WGOLD, but I store it as Fkxwx782, lsx! W, and GOLD already stays in my head as an ending for all my passwords! Or a mirror version, for example the first 4 characters can serve as the end of the password!

Secure Browser

I have long used Mozilla Firefox, then many years of Google Chrome, recently I prefer the browser from Yandex. But the conversation is not at all about this! The fact is that I would not advise you to use your everyday browser convenient for you, whatever it is, for payment systems and everything that is connected with money in general! For this I use a separate browser, and most importantly, that it is specifically designed for this!
This is a browser from Comodo - a well-known brand for protecting information. In addition to all known SSL certificates, as well as excellent antivirus, they have a whole bunch of interesting products, and one of them is specially protected browsers: Сomodo Dragon and Сomodo IceDragon. The differences are as follows:
Сomodo Dragon - created on the basis of Google Chrome and it covers the best features. It includes powerful protection and confidentiality
Сomodo IceDragon - all the same, only it is based on Mozilla Firefox.
In fact, Сomodo chose the two most popular browsers and improved them! And with full-order protection and the user does not have to get used to the new interface!

Which browser are you using?
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TOR - Onion Router

Here I propose to move smoothly from security and browsers, to anonymity and encryption.
TOR - The Onion Router is primarily a browser. It is completely free and freely distributed on the Internet. Thanks to the onion browser, the Internet can be anonymous, and the program is very easy to use. This is a great opportunity, how to hide your identity when using Internet resources, posting various materials, and sending emails. But this will certainly be small if you want to conspire all the traffic of your computer, including various messengers, torrents, skype and so on. There is already need to look towards VPN.

VPN - Hide your presence

Virtual Private Network. Generally speaking, this is a logical network created on top of another network, for example, the Internet. A secure VPN network uses encryption for all tunnel traffic to ensure the confidentiality of the protection of transmitted data over public networks. Not quite the usual language turned out, so let's just take an example:
You are sitting at your computer, and you need to go to a certain site, or you send a message, or a message on Skype, it does not matter, in normal mode everything works the same.
Let's say you open a browser and go to the site. What is really happening? Your computer sends a request to your provider, which in turn passes the request to the resource for which this request is addressed and in the reverse order you receive an answer! The provider knows which request you sent, and the resource knows from which IP-address you entered, and therefore everything about you in the literal sense! We are also interested in how to hide all this, here it is useful to VPN
VPN it encrypts the request for the provider and changes the IP address for the final resource. And under this scheme, your provider does not even have a clue what sites you are visiting. When you are part of a VPN network, the provider sees only how you are accessing the VPN server and that's it!
I think it's less clear, if not, then ask in the comments, and we'll figure it out in more details!
There are a lot of different VPN services, I use Security Kiss and am very pleased with it! Concerning VPN of course, here it is necessary to write a separate article.

Concerning the choice and configuration of VPN, I suggest to chat in the comments to this article! Tell me how you use the VPN service ...

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