Update course video: How to create HIYP (English subtitles)

I proceeded to translate my video course: How to create a HIYP. Video lessons on H-Script. So far this is only English subtitles, as well as translations of the folder names on the disk GOOGLE DRIVE.

I plan to update all the video lessons and introduce English subtitles in them. Perhaps you will like it, if so, then let me know about it in the comments.

Learn more about the video course. I plan to update 2-3 video lessons per day.

At the moment I have already translated the following video lessons:

01. Installing H-script

02. Installing H-script BETA

03. Template structure (H-script)

Update course video: How to create HIYP (English subtitles) обновлено: May 2, 2017 автором: Jack

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I have brought the course. The course haven’t fully translated on all video, but the translated video is easy understand..

Recommended for all who want to create hyip :)