Which script for a HYIP?

Which script for a HYIP?

Earlier, I thought this way: which script for the HYIP is better? I tried to look for the pros and cons of each individual variant.

When choosing a script for a HYIP project, you need to know a few points, first I want to highlight three main factors on which to rely on this choice:

Your money - how much you are willing to allocate money for the creation of a HYIP, this will depend on your choice. After all, if you have only $ 100 in your pocket, you do not need to buy a license of the same H-script, take a pirated script and do everything on it

Your experience - and here again everything rests on money! No experience - will have to pay. Many people asked me: Why H-script? Yes, because it is convenient for me, I know it! Why would I waste time on GC if I can do the same thing in HS? While the borders I have not seen on HS

Your idea - very much when choosing a script depends on your idea.

It's better to make a cool game for money than a bad investment project!

Write the script yourself!

Independently write a CMS - it's a unique engine written individually for the functionality of the project. In fact, the recorder can become the largest pit in which you could just get.

Do not handle this if you:

  • Do not know how to program;
  • You do not have at least basic skills php, smarty, html, css;
  • Do not have experience in investment projects;
  • You do not understand how everything should be arranged from a technical point of view;
  • You do not have a clear understanding of web security;
  • I categorically do not advise you to contact this.

When you write your engine under HYIP, you need to take into account that everything can work differently than you planned, you can make a serious mistake in web protection - and this is probably the main disadvantage, because you can say goodbye to your money.

A living example: WordPress is a blog engine. Imagine how many people are working on this engine. And these are professionals of their business and they sow a day in it all sorts of vulnerabilities. So if you or your team has no experience in writing engines that work with money, you can make a lot of mistakes.
Also, there may be such a problem that during the writing of the engine you initially limit its functionality and then, if you suddenly come up with something, it may happen that you simply will not be able to implement it, since the engine was not originally designed for this and it was simply Add it will not work! Most of the work will have to be remade.

License against pirated version

There are already ready cms solutions. Simply enough to install, configure for yourself and you can run. These are quite popular cms for creating hipes. I do not want to consider something new, just take as an example such CMS as H-Script and GoldCoders. Yes, they are not free, but they are the works of their authors who support these projects afloat, make them more and more new modifications, serve them, in a word they constantly monitor their product.

HS and GC are quite popular engines and no wonder that they are so well distributed in a pirated way. You can buy for just a penny. But is it worth it !?

The pirate version of the script is EVIL!

Such cases in my practice I saw not a little, just this was the most ridiculous.

A pirated version or license is up to you. Admin novice - it's usually an amateur thirsty for quick profit, flying in the clouds, he does not want to read smart books, he once learns from other people's mistakes, he knows everything, blasphemy here to know, two times and in the ladies. Only there will always be those who will besiege you at the first turn :)

The same applies to pirated antiviruses, left plugins in browsers, etc. But this is already a matter of security, a separate topic for conversation.

Where to buy a license script for HYIP?

Consider two good, pretty popular script. Excellent engines for HYIP:
H-script and Gold Coders, then HS and GC

HS - license price $ 149, the official site http://h-scripts.ru

GC - license price $ 166, official website http://www.goldcoders.com

I think it's not necessary to explain that the license is given only to one unique domain! You can not use this script on more than one site. Well, unless you leave the same domain :)

The first difference between HS and GC is the cost, the second is that the HS code unlike GC is open. Also I want to mention that in HS you can download for free from the official site and in the bundle there is a license for the domain test1.ru. We take OpenServer and just install it. But in GC there is no such possibility, but there is a demo of the admin on their official site, everything can be viewed there

On the official HS website, you can find two versions of the script, today it is 307 stable version and 4 beta version. Betu yet to use I do not recommend, but the pluses in it are there. When buying a license, it does not matter which version you put yourself. Most recently, the license has risen to $ 149, and even they have a bot for telegrams, it costs 500 $ to look here: @hsudrbot

The official GC website also has several different products:

HYIP Manager Pro - $ 166 is actually the GC engine itself on which the HYIPs are created

HYIP Lister Pro - 245 $ (Until December 1, 2016 discount, price 166 $) on this script you can make your own monitoring of HYIP projects, with listings, refreshments, etc.

Stock Manager - $ 395 As far as I understand, this is something of a stock exchange stock, a script for creating an investment project with payment of dividends, etc.

Golden Exchange - 295 $ This is a script for creating an e-currency exchanger

GC Doubler - $ 95 This is some kind of doubler, a mlm game.

The difference between the set of connected payment systems for GC and HS is large, and the leader here is definitely HS

Here's what GC offers to us:


My choice: H-script, but this does not mean that I'm not interested in GC.

If you are a beginner, then HS will definitely be more convenient, if only because this script has a lot of manuals and instruction in Russian, for example my video course, with which you can easily and independently build your own HYIP project.

This article is translated specifically for English-speaking people. If you like it, leave your comment! Thank you.

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